Agriculture Solar Drying Process of Grain Corn Rice Crops

...using the sun to dry crops such as grain, corn, and rice is one of the oldest applications of solar energy. Agriculture Solar™ drying equipment can dry crops faster and more evenly.drying process of solar dry machinesLike most farmers, many face the obstacle of an inconsistent cash flow, so you have to be innovative in finding a way to maintain both fiscal efficiency as well as energy efficiency. A solution: Agriculture Solar™ grain, corn and rice dryer system. Viewing the Agriculture Solar™ dryer system as a means of banking energy from an abundant energy source in other seasons of the year, farmers know this saved-up energy could help soften the blow from large electric and gas bills later when grain dryers are running.

drying process of solar dry machineUsing the sun to dry crops such as grain, corn, and rice is one of the oldest applications of solar energy. Agriculture Solar™ drying equipment can dry crops faster and more evenly than leaving them in the field after harvest, with the added advantage of avoiding damage by birds, pests, and weather.

grain dryer oven cornAn improved technology in utilizing solar energy for drying grain is the use of Agriculture Solar™ dryers where the air is heated in a Agriculture Solar™ collector and then passed through beds of grain, corn, and rice. There are two basic types of Agriculture Solar™ dryer appropriate for use with grain, corn, and rice: natural convection dryers where the air flow is induced by thermal gradients; and forced convection dryers wherein air is forced through a Agriculture Solar™ collector and the grain bed by a fan.

solar drier dry machinesThe use of a Agriculture Solar™ thermal hot water system to fuel the grain dryer is shown to dry the grain in half the time when compared to an ambient air drying system. Additionally the Agriculture Solar™ thermal hot water system will be used to heat the barns and facilities. Aside from helping to generate revenue, the Agriculture Solar™ grain corn rice dry machine system can also be used to reduce costs.

The Agriculture Solar™ thermal hot water system is also not dedicated solely to drying grain. The systems are also be used to heat the processing facility during the peak demand months and can also be used to heat up oil for batches of fuel. These two uses increase the operational savings significantly perhaps doubling or tripling them.

solar grains dryers crop driers ovenThe real impact of Agriculture Solar™ augmented grain drying, however, has to do with the ability of the enterprise to weather the weather. Having the capability to either dry relatively high moisture content harvest or to dry larger quantities of moist grain in a shorter period of time is a risk management tool in the climate. The benefit is saving a portion of the harvest that might otherwise be lost to sprouting, mold growth or that might otherwise be left in the field unharvested. Having enhanced Agriculture Solar™ drying capability allows the farmer greater flexibility in choosing a harvest date and protects the harvested crop from moisture related damage when stored. Both of these features support the viability of the Agriculture Solar™ grain corn rice dry machine system.

solar grains dryers corn dry cropThe performance and financial savings demonstrated above relate directly to any farmer with a seasonal demand for grain drying closely following a grain harvest. However, the Agriculture Solar™ thermal hot water collectors utilized in this system function year round and can produce hot water for other uses. This Agriculture Solar™ system can be readily adapted to various types of farms. Some farms that might have interest include:

1. Any farm seeking faster grain drying to accommodate higher than desired harvest moisture of crops.
2. Farms presently using fossil fueled heaters for grain drying that desire to move away from those fuels.
3. Any farm that has relatively high demand for hot water (such as flushing of dairy lines).

Using the Agriculture Solar™ collector to heat other buildings at other times of the year makes it even more cost-effective. At one installation in Switzerland, a farmer added a Agriculture Solar™ collector, with a fan to draw the hot air through the barn. This eliminated the need for an oil or electric heater, saving many thousands of dollars per year in reduced energy and maintenance costs.

solar driers oven machine equipmentThe forced convection Agriculture Solar™ dryer can be considered as a conventional mechanical drying system in which air is forced through a bed of grain but the air is heated by a flat plate solar collector rather than by more conventional means. Considerable work has been undertaken in developing low-cost and efficient Agriculture Solar™ collectors for crop drying applications. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities in your operation.

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