Agriculture Solar Commercial Greenhouse Solar Power

...all greenhouses collect solar energy. Agriculture Solar™ greenhouses are designed not only to collect solar energy during sunny days but also to store heat for use at night or during periods when it is cloudy. solar greenhouses powerThey can either stand alone or be attached to other structures. A Agriculture Solar™ greenhouse may be an underground pit, a shed-type structure, or a quonset hut. Large-scale producers use free-standing Agriculture Solar™ greenhouses, while attached structures are primarily used by home-scale growers.

solar power glasshouse farmingIn colder climates, solar heating may need to be supplemented with a Agriculture Solar™ thermal heating system to protect plants against extreme cold. Active Agriculture Solar™ greenhouses use supplemental energy to move solar heated air or water from storage or collection areas to other regions of the greenhouse. Use of solar electric photovoltaic heating systems for Agriculture Solar™ greenhouses is not cost-effective unless you are producing high-value crops.

Agriculture Solar™ greenhouses differ from conventional greenhouses in the following four ways:

• have glazing oriented to receive maximum solar heat during the winter
• use heat storing materials to retain solar heat
• have large amounts of insulation where there is little or no direct sunlight
• use glazing material and glazing installation methods that minimize heat loss
• rely primarily on natural ventilation for summer cooling

commercical greenhouse solarUnderstanding these basic principles of Agriculture Solar™ greenhouse design will assist you in designing, constructing, and maintaining an energy efficient structure. From the large farm, to the neighborhood nursery, Agriculture Solar™ has a commercial solar greenhouse to meet the needs of gardening professionals. Our retail Agriculture Solar™ greenhouses are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our Agriculture Solar™ greenhouses are ideal for garden centers, plant nurseries, vegetable farms, flower farms, market growers, farm stand growers, botanical research facilities and university horticulture programs.

solar green house glasshousesAgriculture Solar™ also offers complete greenhouse kits, greenhouse heaters, greenhouse lighting and fixtures, greenhouse fans, greenhouse insulation, greenhouse film, greenhouse thermostats, and cool environmental systems. Agriculture Solar™ also offers financing and leasing options for our larger greenhouses and accessories.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like greenhouse pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.


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