Agriculture Solar
offers Well Pump Kits

... pumping is a wonderful use for alternative power technology.

Agriculture Solar™ well pumping is the use of sunlight to power well pumps, while the sun is shining. Agriculture Solar™ has simple solar well pumping systems that are powered by solar electricity and many times do not need to incorporate batteries for storing the excess electricity.

We have easy to size and install Agriculture Solar™ water pumping kits to make it easy for you to determine which Agriculture Solar™ water pump system you need. We take the guess work out of solar water pumping.

Example Agriculture Solar™ Pump Kit Options (Brushless Motors Life-Expectancy of 15 Years):

Agriculture Solar™ Kit 1 - 6440 watts

26   250 watt Solar Panel
5 Solar Mounting System
3 Grid-Tied Inverter
2 Charge Controller
12 Battery

Agriculture Solar™ KIT 2 - 13.8 kW

55   250 Watt Solar Panel
11 Solar Mounting System
2 Inverter
5 Charge Controller 
24 Battery

Agriculture Solar™ KIT 3 - 18.4 kW

74 250 Watt Solar Panel   
15 Solar Mounting System
3 Inverter / Charger
7 Charge Controller
36 Battery

Note: alternative Agriculture Solar™ well option does not need batteries or inverters, however requires a brush motor pump with shorter life-expectancy of only 5 years. Batteries are not always necessary in remote water pumping situations, as long as your Agriculture Solar™ system is sized properly and you have enough water flow from the water source.

The reliability and economy of Agriculture Solar™ electric power makes it an excellent choice for powering remote water well pumping.  Farmers and ranchers all over the world are enthusiastic Agriculture Solar™ pump users.  Their water sources are often spread over many miles of land where utility power is not accessible and where refueling and maintenance costs are high for generator use.

Agriculture Solar Kits Container Shipments

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like solar well pump kit pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

Pays for itself.

Have an independent energy power system, financed cash-flow positive from day one giving you benifits for many decades to come.
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Energy Independence and Food Production is the biggest challenge facing the world. Find out how emerging and established Agriculture Solar™ technologies lead to greater energy security and food production. Renewable energy is an inexhaustible source of energy. But the full potential cannot be developed unless capable developers understand the problem they are solving. A brilliant developer will come up with a brilliant solution, but if the solution is for the wrong problem — that would be a wasted opportunity. Agriculture Solar™ developers are doing a brilliant job developing solutions that have vastly improved the performance of renewables in the agribusiness; as well as in understanding the behavior and availability of agriculture resources. Power is everywhere, and harnessing that power can bring clean renewable electricity to agribusinesses throughout the world. >> Request a Feasibility Study <<

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